Our Priorities


Standing together for change


Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Oregon has made good progress toward ensuring everyone can access healthcare when they need it. But in spite of this progress, thousands of Oregonians still struggle with medical bills they can’t afford. 

Some Oregon health systems are part of the problem. 

As profits become the priority, we’re seeing the cost of care go up. 

We want hospitals to invest in better jobs and better care, rather than cutting corners on staffing, benefits and wages to boost the bottom line.

Our priorities are focused on holding hospitals accountable to their mission to provide quality, affordable care. 

We’re focusing on two key areas:

Affordable care 

  • Ensure Oregonians gets the care they need without going into debt. 

 Good jobs 

  • Make every hospital job a good job, with safe staffing, living wages and affordable health coverage.