Good jobs


Make all health care jobs good jobs

3,200 hospital workers rely on the Oregon Health Plan for health care.

PROBLEM: Low wages and poor benefits 

Although we’ve made great strides toward ensuring every Oregonian has quality health coverage, some large employers, including hospitals and health systems, are not doing their part.  

Instead of providing health insurance, some rely on the state’s Medicaid program—the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)—to provide health coverage for staff. Hospital staff also rely on food stamps to feed their families

SOLUTION: Ensure hospitals fulfill their responsibility to provide affordable health coverage 

When hospitals deny employees coverage, they earn significant savings because they aren’t paying premiums. And when those same employees get care at one of their own facilities or clinics, they bill Medicaid for the services— essentially benefiting twice.

We support Governor Brown’s call for a Subsidized Employer Participation Assessment and hope that it will:

  • Fine large employers that fail to provide quality, affordable insurance to qualifying workers and their dependents

  • Use the fees collected to improve and strengthen health care for Oregonians

We’re working day in and day out to care for patients and make our health system strong. Hospitals should use some of their profits to support us and keep our families healthy. It’s that simple.
— Steven, Legacy Good Samaritan

PROBLEM: Unsafe staffing  

Adequate nurse staffing is the cornerstone of quality patient care. But staffing levels at some hospitals are so tight that caregivers work through breaks and stay beyond the end of shift. This puts the safety of patients and hospital staff at risk. 

SOLUTION: Give frontline caregivers a stronger voice on the job  

Hospital staff who serve on the frontlines of care need to have a say in safe staffing. 

Adding Certified Nursing Assistants to staffing committees is one way to help ensure that Oregon hospitals provide the resources needed to deliver quality patient care.