Caregivers in the lead

We need to do something to make sure that all Oregonians get the quality care they deserve.
— Pat, Patient Access, Randall Children’s Hospital

In Oregon, we are committed to providing quality health care that people can afford. And we rely on our health systems to deliver on this promise by putting patient care first.

 But some hospitals have lost sight of their mission. They’re focusing more on corporate growth and profits than on improving the care they provide—even though most of them are nonprofit organizations. 

 That’s why Act Now for a Healthy Oregon is calling for change. A campaign of SEIU Local 49, we’re a growing movement of caregivers and hospital workers who serve on the frontlines of care in our communities. We’re dieticians and medical assistants, lab technicians and property services staff, and more. We’re also patients and major purchasers of health care.

Together, we’re uniting over 15,000 voices to support good jobs and affordable health care. Together, we’re holding hospitals accountable.