Ensure every Oregonian has quality, affordable care

More than one in four adults have skipped necessary medical care because of costs.

PROBLEM: Rising health care costs 

Oregon families need quality, affordable health care to stay healthy. But even with health coverage, many Oregonians are still struggling to afford the rising costs of health care.

There are several factors driving up health care costs, including expansion and growth. 

As health systems purchase more outpatient clinic, these organizations are then adding facility fees to bills.

Some patients are now paying more for care at neighborhood clinics, simply because it’s affiliated with a health system. 

SOLUTION: End price hikes through facility fees

It’s time to put a stop to these unnecessary charges. 

Hospitals provide 50% less charity care today compared to 2010.

PROBLEM: Mounting medical debt  

Getting care when we need it shouldn’t mean financial devastation. And no Oregonian should have to choose between paying medical bills or putting food on the table. 

When we can’t afford to pay our health care bills, our families pay the price. 

SOLUTION: More support for communities in need 

As charitable organizations, it’s time for Oregon hospitals to make good on their promise of promoting health in our communities.

That means providing more financial help to those who need it. And it also means protecting patients frompredatory debt.

These hospitals get big tax breaks for being nonprofits. They need to act like nonprofits and help the people in our community who are struggling. That’d make me feel proud to be an employee here.
— Lorie, Environmental Service Attendant, PeaceHealth Sacred Heart

PROBLEM: Unmet health care needs 

Nonprofit hospitals in Oregon get millions in tax breaks every year. And in return, they’re expected to invest back in community health.

Some hospitals are putting resources towards critical programs that address disparities in health and health care. Others spend community benefit dollars on things like marketing and event sponsorships, with little transparency or accountability.

SOLUTION: Hold nonprofit hospitals accountable to their charitable missions  

It’s time for every nonprofit hospital to uphold their end of the bargain of what it means to be a charitable organization. 

We need to ensure that community benefit investments are spent meeting the health care needs of Oregon communities.